Kayak, SUP, Bikes

Enjoy lots of outdoor activities either by land or at sea.

On land: Rent a bike and enjoy the beautiful landscape that surrounds Handbjerg Marina. For example go to to Vinderup, Struer, Hjerl Hede or up Kirkevejen to Handbjerg Church, where you can enjoy another beautiful view of Venø Bay.

At sea: Rent a kayak, that matches your need, whether it is a sea kayak, sit on top kayaks, a family kayak with room for two adults and a child. Rent a SUP(Stand Up Paddle Board) also perfect for getting out there on the waters.

The Sit on top kayaks is much more easy for navigating. Only not as stabile in difficult weather conditions as the sea kayak.

Rental price includes life jackets, paddles and sprayhoods.

Using of the gear, both off and on shore is completely at your own risk.

The Island Beach

We highly recommend you to discover the beautiful and clean sandy beach at Handbjerg Marina, and take a lovely swim in the salty waters of Limfjorden.

The beach is situated east to the marina main building. Cross the bridge at the nature playground. Very well suited for suntanning, swimming and playing. The water is very shallow, therefore it is perfect for you to play and swim with your small children. Even so, we recommend that you wear bathing shoes, because of the clams at the bottom of the water and on some areas of the beach.

You can also swim at the lagoon. Every summer season, there is a raft on the waters for you to enjoy. Remember to read the rules of bathing/swimming at Handbjerg Marina.

The Marina Equipment shop

Handbjerg Marina are very proud of this shop, where you can find all sorts of equipment for outdoor activities. 

You can rent for example fishing nets, life jackets, boards, kayaks and bikes.

All use of the equipment is at your own risk..

Kite surfing

Wide landscape, perfect water and weather conditions, we have got it all at Handbjerg Marina.

Our spot has become increasingly popular among the surfers. At The Island Beach you will find perfect conditions of shallow waters and waves on the reef. Take a refreshing shower in our main building for a small price.

Afterwards you can enjoy a drink or an icecream at the Restaurant Pavillon and the Cafe Iceboat.