We have available berths for your boat 

As a yachtsman at Handbjerg Marina, you are part of a good community where we help and support each other. Always time for a good laugh and a nice chat.

Among the yachtsmen there are many valued enthusiasts, who are making a huge difference at Handbjerg Marina. They all strive to developing and taking initiatives for the greater good of the marina.

As a yachtsman you are more than welcome to join us at "working weekends", for all sorts of maintenance at the marina, always with good spirit.

Feel free to contact the manager of Handbjerg Marina or talk to one of the yachtsmen. We will be more than happy to answer your questions that you might have.

Guest Yachtsmen

Come to Handbjerg Marina from the water side and experience the unique little cozy harbor. As a guest sailor, you can find the available places marked with green "FREE" signs.

The Slipway

Want to go sailing? 

Using the slipway, you can easily get ready for sailing.

Either buy daily or annual pass.

Once the boat is on waters, please, kindly clear the slipway of your car and trailer, thus making way for others.

Brændstof Handbjerg Marina


You can refuel your boat at Handbjerg Marina with petrol or diesel. The single marina in the western part of Limfjorden that sells petrol.

Fuel must be ordered friday at noon at the latest, and you can fill your tank saturday between 8-10 AM or by appointment. Contact our partner Handbjerg Yacht Service.

Brændstof Handbjerg Marina

Webcam & Weather station

Stay up to date and watch our web cam that will show you the weather conditions. The web cam shows where you are entering or leaving by boat.